Invited Tutorial Program

Invited Tutorial Program in CYUT on 27 April, 2012

14:00-14:10 Greetings

"Introducing a Revitalization Project for a Local City in Japan by Learning",

by Mr. Ryosuke Sugawara, Student of Graduate School of Software and Information Science in Iwate Prefectural University (IPU)

 Abstract: In local cities in Japan, each local city has rivalry against prosperous and central cities. Many people who live in local cities desire to make their own city revitalized. In this presentation, we introduce a certification test about history and culture of a local city for the revitalization, and our Web application for supporting to learn their knowledge. We would like to hear and discuss revitalization approaches for local cities in Taiwan with audiences.

"A Social Media Marketing Strategy Using Game Theory",

by Mr. Masataka Nagahiro, Student of Faculty of Policy Studies in IPU
Abstract: I have been working for R4hs, Inc., and it has been successful in promoting our products by using social networking services and other social media. On the other hand, I study game theory in my university, and I notice that the theory is a potentially powerful tool for marketing. The purpose of my talk is to propose a more effective marketing strategy by linking social media marketing and game theory.

15:10-15:20 Coffee Break


"Proposal: Practical Training Schema of Distributed Software Development on Smart Phone Applications by Collaboration with Industries and Universities",

 by Dr. Michiru Tanaka, President of R4hs. Inc.
Abstract: In this presentation, we describe current status of Japanese society and problems on enterprises and universities in rural area after the Great East Japan Earthquake. In addition, we introduce current vivid market of smartphones and tablet terminals in Japan and active user communities of smartphones and our seminar projects. Based on these backgrounds, we propose a training scheme of global collaborative software development among students and software engineers in rural areas and foreign countries.

"Life Support System for Elderly People Living Alone",

by Dr. Jun Sasaki, Associate Professor of IPU
Abstract: In Japan, the increase of elderly people living alone becomes a significant problem. In order to prevent from the lonely death, a safety monitoring system for elderly people is more important. Additionally, the importance of health promotion and life support services by using information systems for elderly people has been increasing. We are proposing a life support system (LSS) not only to prevent from the
lonely death but also to provide life support and health promotion services. Our proposed LSS is using a new Internet-based advanced terminal of IP telephone with a removable touch-screen. We designed the human interface of the terminal to access to LSS easily. Experimental results carried out by using the prototype system showed a preferable usability and expectation.

16:20-16:30 Closing